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Dr Stuart Allaburton - B. Med (University of Newcastle), FRACGP, Grad Dip Sp Med (University of NSW)

Sports Medicine - General Practice

Dr. Stuart Allaburton has provided sports medicine services in Cairns since 2002, and first started working in this field in Orange, NSW in 1998 as a General Practice registrar. He has worked with patients at all levels of physical activity, from professional athletes and local club competitors, through to people just interested in being active and healthy in their everyday lives, and across a wide variety of sports as a doctor or participant, or both. Dr Allaburton would like everyone to be able to enjoy physical activity, and so recognises that just telling patients to stop is not a sufficient management plan. Sometimes injuries need short term or long term rest, but exploring alternative training and/or sport as part of rehabilitation is an essential part of management; working with patients to find a sustainable way to train and be active for their whole lives is a key part of his approach to medical practice.

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